I have to admit, I am more of cake person than an Ice cream gobbler. Yes, I am the type that would rather find comfort in chocolate cake than ice cream.  Off course not all the members of my family feel this way. My children would after all, eat it for breakfast if this mom would allow it.  Luckily my own dear Mom gave me an Ice cream maker for Christmas last year.  I have to admit that this was a great gift…Thanks Ma!


So on Saturday I decided to put it to good use once again.  I had some friends coming over on Sunday afternoon for tea, and decided to spoil them with both: Cake and Ice cream. I thus proceeded to diligently prepare them a chocolate mud cake with banana ice cream to top it off.  They were indeed very pleased.  Somehow chocolate and banana just goes so well together and this lovely duo is no exception.  Even I wanted to help a second helping of the Ice cream in stead of the cake!

The recipe is quite simple and not too work intensive, if you consider the lovely reward you receive, when making your own Ice cream.   I am after all trying hard to be part of the slow food revolution.   I promise you once you have tasted this, you would never, ever,  want to buy one or another watered down version of vegetable fat again.  You might just want to plan properly ahead because everything has to cooled down well before adding it to your Ice cream maker.  For those of my dear readers who do not own this amazing kitchen gadget, do not fear!  The lovely creamy taste of home-made Ice cream does not have to elude you!  Just place your cooled down mixture into the fridge and mix thoroughly with a fork every two hours to break the Ice crystals, until frozen.

Oh yes, just in case you were wondering, we were lucky enough to have some left overs after our friends left.  I added some almond flakes which I toasted in a pan.  Together with some cinnamon sprinkles this is a desert fit for a queen!

I used the basic Vanilla Ice cream Recipe from my Ice cream maker’s instruction booklet and just added onto that.  Feel free to experiment further!



  • 500 ml Double Thick Cream (2 cups)
  • 250ml Full Cream Milk(1 cup)
  • 1t Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Eggs (whisked )
  • 1/2 Cup  Sugar
  • 3 Medium Bananas
  • 1/2 Lemon’s juice
  • 1/2t of Vanilla Paste
  • Almond Flakes (toasted)


  1. Bring the Cream,  Milk and Vanilla to a gentle simmer in a pot over medium heat.
  2. Add the Eggs and sugar and stir continuously until the mixture thickens .  It is ready when it is thick enough to cover the backside of a metal spoon
  3. Remove from heat and cool down
  4. When the custard has cooled down, refrigerate overnight
  5. Place the Bananas, Lemon Juice and Vanilla Paste into a food processor and process to a pulp.
  6. Mix the Banana pulp into the custard
  7. Now place the Ice cream mixture into a frozen Ice cream maker bowl and further  follow the instructions of your Ice cream maker.  In the alternative place your Ice cream mixture into a container and into the fridge, stirring with a fork every 2 hours to break up the Ice crystals.
  8. Serve with Almond Flakes that were toasted in a pan on the stove and some Cinnamon Sprinkles

Enjoy on a hot day or any other day you might need some serious comfort from something creamy!

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