Figs and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta
Fresh Figs,Smoked Chicken and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta

Hello all you beautiful  readers.   I hope all is well and all have been munching away this Easter.  I myself had a tremendous time in the Eastern Cape!  What a beautiful part of South Africa!  Long white sandy beaches and dunes, and on a clear day I have never seen the seas  nor the skies bluer.  We have even been lucky enough to  spot the dolphins at Jeffrey’s bay’s Dolphin Beach  more than once.    However it is so that even on vacation one has to eat. Not that eating  is ever a chore for yours truly.   So on one of our beautiful late fall afternoons I packed our lunch in a basket and we headed off to the beach for a small picnic.

Picnic on the beach
Picnic on the beach

I am really a sucker for seasonal ingredients.  They taste great and I do my bit for global warming due the fact that I don’t have to buy imported goods that have to travel by plane to get to us.  Right now figs are in season in South Africa and I was lucky enough to find these delectable beauties at Woolies in Jeffrey’s bay.  I could not resist and home they came…

Figs in season
Figs in season

Seeing as I was a little limited with the amount of ingredients I could keep and consume within a week’s time, as well as  limited equipment in our little kitchen in the sea apartment,  I decided to keep it simple and make a humble sandwich.  Well as we all know simplicity is not necessarily a bad thing…

Figs and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta
Figs, Smoked Chicken and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta

So here is what I used to create these scrumptious sarmies:


  • 6  ciabatta rolls
  • butter
  • 5-6 fresh figs
  • slices of cucumber
  • lettuce leaves
  • one small roll of  goat’s cheese
  • 3  large smoked chicken breasts
  • 6 t good quality mayo
  • freshly ground salt and pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 180º c
  2. Heat ciabatta rolls in oven until crispy and golden (about 3-5 minutes)
  3. Cut open and butter the warm ciabatta rolls
  4. Place the rest of the ingredients in layers on the rolls
  5. Top with a teaspoon of mayo
  6. Season with the freshly ground pepper and salt
Adam's fig
Adam's fig
Picnic on the beach
Picnic on the beach

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