The past few weeks have really thrown some challenges at me and Hubby:  a broken car (brand new gear box required),  a flooded bedroom from the first season’s rain ( wet mattress and bedding included) and during the past few days,  ten dead  pet koi-fish (think very nasty bacterial and fungal  fish infection), not to mention the mammoth task of changing the pond’s water and dipping individual, on-the-brink-of-death-fish in special medication.  Talk about exhausting! So by tonight I was ready to just kick back and relax with something refreshing: Green cucumber gin and tonic.



Now is there any thing more refreshing than relaxing with a  Gin and Tonic after a hot South-African day?  I mean really, can you just imagine sipping this next to the pool right now,  or floating on a lilo?

To make this version even more cucumbery and fresh I grated the cucumber and strained it through a clean dish cloth.  To walk the extra green mile for  this delicious, fresh, summer cocktail, add some fresh mint and basil leaves.

Remember to use some the best quality Tonic you can afford to make sure that he flavours of your Gin is not masked by too much carbon.  My favourite is  the Fever Tree range stocked by Woolworths.



  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • Mint leaves
  • Basil leaves
  •  Ice cold Tonic water
  •  1 or 2 tots of your favourite Gin per glass
  • Ice.
  • Slices of  lemon, cucumber and baby cucumbers to garnish


  1. Place a clean dish cloth over a jug and grate the cucumber over the dish cloth to strain the juice. Once you are done grating twist the dish cloth to get all the juices squeezed out and discard the  rest of the cucumber.
  2. Place some Ice into your glass and pour  over the cucumber juice, gin and tonic.
  3. Add lots of basil and mint leaves.
  4. Garnish with cucumber slices, baby cucumbers and lemon slices.

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