This three ingredient shooter size drink is a great idea for a quick dessert at your next dinner party. It takes no time to put together but will satisfy any grown-ups’ sweet tooth. I suggest that you cool the Kahlúa and Amarula beforehand in your refrigerator to enhance the flavors of the two liqueurs. First pour the Kahlúa followed by the Amarula, tip the shot glass slightly and pour the Amarula very slowly against the side to prevent the liqueurs from mixing, thereby forming two layers. Decorate with your favorite chocolate truffles or Ferrero Rocher’s chocolate balls by resting the chocolate on the rim of the glass.

Takes: Less than 5 min. Ridiculously Easy


  • Kahlúa Coffee liqueur
  • Amarula Cream Liqueur
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate balls or your favorite chocolate truffles. Make sure they are large enough to balance on the shot-glass’ rim.

How to:

Fill half of a single shot-glass with Kahlúa. Then slightly tipping the glass rest the Amarula bottle on the rim of the glass and pour the Amarula in very slowly to keep the two liqueurs separated. When the glass is filled place a chocolate ball on top of the rim of the glass and serve.